Dog Training

Whether bringing home a new puppy or adopted rescue, refining your dog’s obedience, or problem solving through behaviors, dog owners often find themselves unsure of how to best proceed with their dog’s training. In the age of infinite information online, we have a vast array of options for seeking support right at our fingertips; however, attempting to reason through contradicting advice often leaves dog owners defeated and unsure of the “best” way to go about building the bond and communication they desire with their pet. Cloud 9 Canine’s dog training services aim to bring accessible, professional training services for dog owners in the Kalamazoo area right to you in your home.

Dog Training Services

We offer dog training services designed to meet a wide variety of training needs, including Group Classes at a facility, Private Lessons + Walk & Train services in-home, and Virtual Consults.

Walk & Train

Walk & trains are an opportunity to receive training services while you are away. Our dog trainer will perform a walk with your dog while working on their training goals during the session.

We offer 30 or 60 minute walk & trains.

Purchase a Package! Walk & Train packages include an in-home training consult prior to beginning services, a discounted per-service rate, consistent training to boost progress toward your training goals, as well as an in-home consult during the last scheduled service to review what your dog has learned.

Ivy poses during her Walk & Train package walk!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are individual sessions that allow you and your dog to receive the undivided attention of your trainer. We offer private lessons for dogs of all ages and stages within their training journey. Lessons may take place in your home or in a public setting based on your training goals.

We offer 30 or 60 minute private lessons.

Purchase a Package! Private Lesson packages include a training consult service prior to beginning services, a discounted per-service rate, and consistent training to boost progress toward your training goals.

Charli is a future therapy dog in the making!

Group Classes

Group classes are 6-week sessions offered each season. We are in the process of developing curriculum for various ages and training goals. Classes are held at at a host facility in Kalamazoo.

Murphy at graduation!

Virtual Consults

We offer Virtual Consults for clients that do not reside within our service area. Virtual Consults consist of Private Lessons performed over Zoom with your trainer.

Demonstration dog Zuko can’t wait to help your pup learn!

Cloud 9 Canine’s Training Philosophy

Cloud 9 Canine Dog Training utilizes a modern, holistic, client-centered approach.


As dog ownership rates rise across the United States, interest in dog training services grows proportionally. With this increase in interest comes a higher interest in canine behavior through ongoing research into the best dog training practices. Dog training is an unregulated field requiring no licensing or formal education in order to provide dog training services; therefore, it is the responsibility of dog trainers to keep themselves up-to-date on the latest research on the best way to work with dogs of all training backgrounds, needs, and goals. At Cloud 9 Canine, we emphasize the use of modern training by keeping track of the latest, reward-based practices in dog training to evolve our services with the growing body of information on canine training interventions.


We often think of dog training as performing a set of activities with a dog in order to produce a desired action. However, dog training is far more complex than simple input of our actions to achieve the output of a behavior from our dogs. At Cloud 9 Canine, we emphasize a holistic approach to training that considers the dog’s emotional, mental, physical, developmental well-being in the training approaches we select. When crafting training plans with clients, we consider the dog’s history, current level of training, environment, preferences, motivations, and natural instincts. We do not view dog training as a way to merely get results, but rather as a way to guide owners in learning more about their dogs as unique individuals and how to successfully live alongside them in a way that meets the needs of human and canine alike.


It’s easy to compare ourselves to others! We see someone walking calmly with their dog down the street, enjoying a lunch on a patio with a dog laying calmly at their feet, or a dog enjoying off-leash freedom at the park and wish that could be us. We also may hear canine professionals or other dog owners tell us that our dogs MUST possess specific skills in order to be fulfilled or properly trained. Our philosophy of training considers that dogs and their humans are all individuals with differing lifestyles, and there is not a “one size fits all” approach to dog training. Instead, we aim to work with you to achieve training outcomes relevant to you and your dog’s needs rather than adhering to objective ideals that may not be desirable for you to work toward. Whether you would like your dog to reach a high level of performance or simply learn the basics and stick to them, we are happy to cater our training to match your individual goals.

Dog Training Rates