Services and Rates

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Each service is completed with a detailed journal and a picture describing how your pets walk, visit, or stay went.

All of our services are designed keeping every pets basic, most important needs in mind.

Food and Water: A healthy, balanced diet is and proper hydration are fundamental parts of your dogs daily care. All of our services include feeding and each walk or visit ends with a staff member double checking to be sure the pet has an adequate supply of fresh water. We offer a wide window of time frames for dog walks and pet sitting visits to accommodate your pets usual feeding


Exercise: Regular exercise is essential to keep your pet healthy and happy. As the old saying goes, a tired dog is a happy dog! Even as a senior, exercise is important to maintain muscle mass on aging joints. Whether it’s going for a walk around the neighborhood, playing in the back yard, or sprinting through the park, we offer several exercise services at various lengths suitable for all pets.

Sleeping Space: Even as social animals, dogs need their down time and rest, too. Having a space of their own such as a dog bed, crate, or kennel creates a safe zone for them to relax. We will follow your instructions and ensure during our overnight stays your pet sleeps where they are safest and most comfortable, whether that be in a crate or snuggled up with their sitter under the covers.

An Enriched Environment: Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. Mental stimulation is another essential element of basic pet care, especially for dogs. Our walks and visits may include doggy socialization, playtime with their toys, or structured games and basic training to keep your dogs mind stimulated. We also may hide a few treats or pop a frozen Kong in their crate to keep them entertained even after we’re gone.

Love & Attention: Many pets are very bonded to their humans and thrive on affection. Our team is full of genuine pet lovers who are happy to stop for belly rubs during a walk, snuggle up on the couch, or allow an anxious pup to crawl into their lap for comfort. We will always ensure you pet receives plenty of love and attention while in our care.

Our Services

Primary Services

Our primary services include dog walking, pet sitting visits, nature breaks, overnight pet sitting, and pet taxi. Each of our additional services can be included in any of our primary services at no additional cost. Instead, each walk or visit is booked either as a 20, 30, or 60 minute walk or visit, and all pet care will be completed during this time, or during the 8-9+ hour period sitters are at the home for overnight sitting.

Dog Walking

Dog walks are an opportunity for your dog to exercise and enjoy exploring out in the fresh air with a loving companion! We are happy to take your dog on a brisk stroll around the neighborhood, a jaunty trek through the woods, or a field trip to a nearby dog-friendly park or trail!

Whether your pet’s goal is to burn off their extra energy, track down a new scent trail, or just enjoy the outdoors, dog walks are a wonderful opportunity for your dog to do so! Walks are designed to provide speciality exercise suitable for all dogs needs; we will match their pace to guarantee their comfort and safety.

We offer 20, 30, and 60 minute walks. If you would like us to take your pet on a field trip, there will be NO pet taxi/transportation fee as long as the transportation time is included and your destination is close to your residence.

Pet Sitting Visits

Pet sitting visits, also called drop in visits, are a wonderful way to keep your pet company while you are away! Whether your pet is in need of a snuggle buddy, play date, or a trip outside, Cloud 9 Canine is here to help!

Pet sitting visits are enrichment sessions and may include feeding, cleaning up after your pet, or a short walk. We offer 20, 30, and 60 minute pet sit visits, for pets of all shapes and sizes! We also offer visits to check in and care for your pets during your weekend getaway or vacation.


Does your pet need frequent potty breaks? Are you looking for someone to pop by and check on your pet? Nature breaks are perfect for quick stops, shy pets, and small or pocket pets that may not require additional care. These are up-to-15 minute visits to drop by and tend to your pet’s well-being.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight pet sitting allows your pets to be cared for in the comfort of their own home while you are away. We offer both short term pet sitting for a quick business trip, and long term pet sitting to care for your pets while you enjoy your dream vacation.

One of our incredible team members will stay with your pet overnight. Overnight bookings are wonderful for providing care for your pet from the comfort able familiarity of their own home. Overnight bookings guarantee overnight care, small errands, tending to your home, and loving, 1on1 companionship for your pets.

It is between you and your pet sitter which time frames you believe to be best for your pet. Overnight pet sitting is tailored to your individual needs. Additional walks or visits at various lengths may be added on to any overnight booking. We will also tend to your home and ensure it is secure and looked after while you are away.

Pet Taxi

Does your pet need a ride home from the vet? Is your pet due for a trip to the groomer’s? Do you need someone to pick up and drop off your pet from daycare? Cloud 9 Canine’s pet taxi and transportation service is a wonderful way to get your pet to and from their destination, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day life until you’re able to return home to your beloved pet.

Buddy Walks & Puppy Playgroups

We are currently structuring a midday pack walk program for your sociable, energetic dog! This will include 30+ and 60+ minute exercise and enrichment sessions with one to four other dogs at a discounted rate. Contact us to learn more!

Additional Services

Our additional services can be added onto any walk, visit, or overnight stay at no additional cost. These services are simply completed within the allotted time booked. We charge a discounted additional pet care fee if you would like to add additional time onto a booking when scheduling services.

Our additional services include blinds/curtain/light adjustment, mail collection, baths, nail clipping, brushing/combing, medication administration, feeding and watering, pet waste clean up, litter box cleaning, pet pick up/drop off, doggy field trips, small pet care, and plant care.


Holidays +$15 per service or $50 per night overnight

“Nicole was simply fantastic! We needed her at short notice and she was incredibly accommodating to our needs for our little furry princess, Izzie! She is extremely responsible and communicative. I felt very comforted and less stressed knowing Nicole was checking in on Izzie several times in one day (Izzie has kidney disease). I highly recommend Nicole to look after your pets as you will have the peace of the mind that they will be well taken of care under her watch.”

– Carolyn P.