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Cloud 9 Canine offers a variety of services to fit the preferences of our diverse base of clients. Our services are guided by policies and protocols built upon a goal of providing individualized pet care mindful of your pet’s physical, mental, and instinctual needs. We serve pets of all shapes and sizes, including dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, chickens, fish, & more!

Our services are designed by pet professionals with the physical and mental well-being of your pets as our top priority.

Basic Needs: Nutrition, hydration, shelter, and bathroom breaks are basis necessities for pet care. We offer a range of service windows to accommodate your pet’s routine based on the importance of attentive, structured care.

Caring for sweet Fiona.

Fulfillment: Beyond meeting basic needs, pets thrive with regular biological fulfillment that keeps their bodies active and their minds sharp. Each pet has unique preferences for engaging their natural instincts, whether through a romp in the park, a loop around the block, play with people, enrichment puzzles, sniffing through nature, socializing with other pets, naps in the sun, or showing off their tricks to our team members! Clients are encouraged to tell us about what activities their pets love so we can provide outlets for these innate behaviors during our services.

Charlie romping around at the park!

Companionship: Pets form bonds with their people and many desire intentional human contact. Our team is full of genuine pet lovers who are happy to stop for belly rubs during a walk, snuggle up on the couch, or allow an affectionate pet to curl up on their lap. We ensure your pet receives plenty of love while you are out and about based on their preferences for attention.

Snuggles with purr box Kahlua.

Visit Reports: We understand nerves that pet owners feel when leaving your pet. At the end of each singular visit or throughout our stay, we send report cards detailing every task performed by our team members and observations of your pet’s behavior throughout our visit. We value earning the trust of our clients through open communication that keeps you updated on how your pet is doing while you are away. Each visit report includes a journal of the service, check in and check out times, a GPS map of the team member’s location, and pictures of your pet.

A sample visit report for a 20 minute walk with Odie.

Our Services

Primary Services

Our primary services include dog walking, pet care visits, pet sitting, and dog training. All tasks included in your pet’s individual care instructions will be completed during our visit, with the option to add-on additional service time or input extra requests as you wish.

Dog Walking

Dog walks are an opportunity for your dog to get their bodies moving and noses working while exploring the neighborhood! We are happy to take your dog on a brisk stroll around the block, a jaunty trek through the woods, or a field trip to a nearby dog-friendly park or trail.

Whether your pet’s goal is to burn off energy, track down a scent trail, or simply to get outdoors, dog walks are a wonderful opportunity to exercise and enrich your dog! Dog walks are individualized experiences suited to your dog’s unique needs; we will modify our walking style to your dog’s preferences.

We offer 20, 30, and 60 minute walks.

Golden hour walks with golden girl Gracie.

Drop-In Visits

Drop in visits are a wonderful way to keep your pet company while you are away. Whether your pet is in need of a snuggle buddy, exercise partner, or a trip outside, Cloud 9 Canine is here to help! Drop-ins may include feeding, cleaning up after your pet, playtime, companionship, or a walk; we will perform whatever tasks your pet needs during our visit.

We offer 20, 30, and 60 minute drop in visits for pets of all species!

Hanging out with Finn!

Check-In Visits

Does your pet require frequent potty breaks? Are you looking for someone to pop by and check on your pet? Check-ins are perfect for quick stops, shy pets, or small animals that may not require quite as extensive care.

We offer 15 minute check in visits.

Tessa enjoys a game of tug during her check in.

Extended Visits

Do you have a pack of dogs that require extra walk time to thoroughly meet their needs? Does your cat become anxious when left alone for long periods of time? Extended visits provide care and companionship to pets that do best with extra attention while their owners are away.

We offer extended visits for 2-6 consecutive hours of care at a discounted hourly rate.

Moose, Blaze, and Mackenzie pose for the camera!

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting provides care for your pets for in the comfort of their own home while you are away. We offer both short term pet sitting for a quick business trip, and long term pet sitting to care for your pets while you enjoy your dream vacation.

One of our trained and experienced team members will stay with your pet overnight. Overnight bookings are wonderful for providing care for your pet from the comfort able familiarity of their own home. Overnight bookings guarantee overnight care, small errands, tending to your home, and loving, 1-on-1 companionship for your pets.

It is between you and your pet sitter which time frames you believe to be best for your pet. Overnight pet sitting is tailored to your individual needs. Additional walks or visits at various lengths may be added on to any overnight booking. We will also tend to your home and ensure it is secure and looked after while you are away.

Last report card for our good friends Mia & Buddy.

Pet Taxi

Do you need someone to pick up and drop off your pet from daycare? Does your pet need a ride home from the vet? Is your pet due for a trip to the groomer’s? Cloud 9 Canine’s pet taxi transportation service is a convenient option for allowing you to focus on your busy schedule while we ensure your pet gets to and from their destination.

Louie Ubers off to daycare!

Buddy Walks

Interested in enriching your dog’s walk with new scenery and the addition of a friend? Our buddy walks step up your dog’s regular walk! Buddy walks are performed using a parallel walk technique to promote good doggy manners while on leash. Dogs walk side-by-side with the expectation of remaining neutral to each other. During this service, we transport dogs to meet each other and enjoy sniffing out a new area with the company of a local puppy pal.

We offer 45 minute buddy walks with commute included at no extra charge. Click here for a change of pace to your dog’s walk!

Forrest and Daphne strolling through the neighborhood.

Puppy Playdates

Puppy playdates are off-leash play sessions provided in a private backyard, public space, or Meadow Run Park (for members) offered daily in the afternoon. We will gather a maximum of 4 compatible dogs for an opportunity to play off-leash in a fully fenced in area. Our Puppy Playdate service is carefully structured to promote proper manners around other dogs and overall well. Dogs are provided with a parallel walk introduction to warm up their bodies and minds, opportunity to sniff out the play space individually to settle in, then are released to romp around freely with their new best friends!

We offer 60 minute playdates, commute included at no extra charge. Click here to join the fun!

Best friends Roo and Zuko!

Walk & Train

Walk & trains are an opportunity to receive training services at a discounted rate during our dog’s regular walk. Our dog training staff will perform a walk with your dog while working on their training goals during the session. Training occurs 1 on 1 between your dog and our trainer.

We offer 20, 30, and 60 minute walk & trains.
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Andy enjoys his walk!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are individual sessions that allow you and your dog to receive the undivided attention of your trainer. We offer private lessons for dogs of all ages and stages within their training journey. Lessons may take place in your home or in a public setting based on your training goals.

We offer 30 or 60 minute private lessons.

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Model students paying attention to their lesson!

Group Classes

Group classes are 6-week sessions offered each season. We are in the process of developing curriculum for various ages and training goals. Classes are hosted at Michigan Dog Center in Portage.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our first session!

Pups practicing their patience in a group class!

Additional Services

Our additional services can be added onto any walk, visit, or pet sitting stay at no additional cost. These services are simply completed within the allotted time booked at no extra charge if they can be completed within the allotted time frame. We charge a discounted rate if you would like to add additional time onto your booking.

Our additional services include blinds/curtain/light adjustment, mail collection, basic grooming (bath and brush only), medication administration, feeding and watering, general home cleaning, pet waste clean up, litter box replacement, pet pick up/drop off, field trips to public spaces, small pet care, and plant care.


Holidays +$15 per service or +$50 per night overnight

Cloud 9 has been amazing with my pups!! My doggos can sometimes be pretty particular and finicky about things or people which made me super nervous to have “strangers” come in to take care of them… Cloud 9 was a game changer for me. I love everything about their employees and services. I know my babies are always well taken care of and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for pet care!!

– Brittany T.