Why Choose Us?

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Cloud 9 Canine offers a variety of services to fit the preferences of our diverse base of clients. Our services are guided by policies and protocols built upon a goal of providing individualized pet care mindful of your pet’s physical, mental, and instinctual needs. We serve pets of all shapes and sizes, including dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, chickens, fish, & more!

Our services are designed by pet professionals with the well-being of your pets as our top priority.

Basic Needs: Nutrition, hydration, shelter, and bathroom breaks are basis necessities for pet care. We offer a range of service windows to accommodate your pet’s routine based on the importance of attentive, structured care.

Caring for sweet Fiona.

Fulfillment: Beyond meeting basic needs, pets thrive with regular biological fulfillment that keeps their bodies active and their minds sharp. Each pet has unique preferences for engaging their natural instincts, whether through a romp in the park, a loop around the block, play with people, enrichment puzzles, sniffing through nature, socializing with other pets, naps in the sun, or showing off their tricks to our team members! Clients are encouraged to tell us about what activities their pets love so we can provide outlets for these innate behaviors during our services.

Charlie romping around at the park!

Companionship: Pets form bonds with their people and many desire intentional human contact. Our team is full of genuine pet lovers who are happy to stop for belly rubs during a walk, snuggle up on the couch, or allow an affectionate pet to curl up on their lap. We ensure your pet receives plenty of love while you are out and about based on their preferences for attention.

Snuggles with purr box Kahlua.

We understand that leaving your pets is stressful. We take this responsibility seriously and are here to give you peace of mind while you are away.

Visit Reports: We understand nerves that pet owners feel when leaving your pet. At the end of each singular visit or throughout our stay, we send report cards detailing every task performed by our team members and observations of your pet’s behavior throughout our visit. We value earning the trust of our clients through open communication that keeps you updated on how your pet is doing while you are away. Each visit report includes a journal of the service, check in and check out times, a GPS map of the team member’s location, and pictures of your pet.

A sample visit report for a 20 minute walk with Odie.

Team Based Services: We employ a team of pet care professionals so our clients never have to rely on the availability of a single individual. By teaching our team to safely and mindfully care for pets with an array of personalities and needs, creating highly detailed step-by-step care instructions in all pet profiles, and implementing secure yet accessible home access protocols, we almost entirely eliminate the risk of our clients ending up in a panic needing to search for last-minute alternative arrangements. No need to scramble for back-up plans when you book with Cloud 9 Canine: our team ensures you and your pets are taken care of while you’re away!

Our team at our quarterly training!

“Cloud 9 Canine was so wonderful!! This was our first experience with a professional sitter and we were so pleased. She came by to make sure our pup was comfortable with her ahead of time and she asked alllll the right questions. And the best part was the after visit updates she sent each time she went to the house. (She should side as a pet photographer because the pics we received were frame worthy!) We will absolutely be using them again!”

– Nickie W.