Pet Care

Our in-home pet care services include dog walking, pet care visits, and pet sitting. All tasks included in your pet’s individual care instructions will be completed during our visit, with the option to add-on additional service time or input extra requests as you wish.

In-Home Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

Dog walks are an opportunity for your dog to get their bodies moving and noses working while exploring the neighborhood! We are happy to take your dog on a brisk stroll around the block, a jaunty trek through the woods, or brisk walk in the park. Whether your pet’s goal is to burn off energy, track down a scent trail, or simply to get outdoors, dog walks exercise and enrich your dog! Dog walks are individualized experiences suited to your dog’s unique needs; we will modify our walking style to your dog’s preferences.

We offer 20, 30, and 60 minute walks.

Walks with our friend Flaco!

Drop-In Visits

Drop in visits are a wonderful way to keep your pet company while you are away. Whether your pet is in need of a snuggle buddy, exercise partner, or a trip outside, Cloud 9 Canine is here to help! Drop-ins may include feeding, cleaning up after your pet, playtime, companionship, or a walk; we will perform whatever tasks your pet needs during our visit.

We offer 20, 30, and 60 minute drop in visits for pets of all species!

Hanging out with Burps!

Extended Visits

Do you have a pack of dogs that require extra walk time to thoroughly meet their needs? Does your cat become anxious when left alone for long periods of time? Extended visits provide care and companionship to pets that do best with extra attention while their owners are away.

We offer extended visits for 2-6 consecutive hours of care at a discounted hourly rate.

Gus grins ear-to-ear during his extended day stay!

Check-In Visits

Does your pet require frequent potty breaks? Are you looking for someone to pop by and check on your pet? Check-ins are perfect for quick stops, shy pets, or small animals that may not require quite as extensive care.

We offer 15 minute check in visits.

Cassie crunching down breakfast during her check-in visit.

Pet Taxi

Do you need someone to pick up and drop off your pet from daycare? Does your pet need a ride home from the vet? Is your pet due for a trip to the groomer’s? Cloud 9 Canine’s pet taxi transportation service is a convenient option for allowing you to focus on your busy schedule while we ensure your pet gets to and from their destination.

Andy relaxes on the ride home from daycare.

In-Home Pet Sitting Services

“Mix and Match” Pet Care Services

For pet owners seeking a pet sitter while they are away at-length, we offer a mix-and-match of pet care options. These services can be booked in any type and duration that best mimics the typical daily routine of your pet.

We recommend a combination of Drop-In Visit services to meet your pet’s needs with a daily Extended Visit to keep them company while their pet parents are out of the home.

Sadie & Winston excitedly welcome their sitter for an evening let-out!

Overnight Pet Sitting

We offer an overnight pet sitting service for those wishing to have a trained and experienced team member stay with their pet overnight.

This service includes dinner, 10-11 hours of overnight care, breakfast in the morning, and 1 visit during the day. The times the overnight care takes place are flexible according to your pet’s needs. This service may be stand-alone or combined with any mix-and-match pet care services based on your pet’s typical daily routine.

Buddy enjoys the company of his pet sitter!

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Canine Enrichment

We all want happier, healthier pets, and providing them with an outlet to meet their innate needs is a wonderful way to do so. Canine enrichment services provide your pets with stimulation to keep them mentally and physically enriched. These services are available to all pets and can be provided as part of a recurring service or booked as needed. Go above and beyond meeting your pets’ basic needs to create a routine that provides your dog with regular opportunities to let loose and just be a dog!

Field Trips

Mix up your dog’s walking routine with a destination dog walk. For many pets, riding in the car typically means an appointment at the vet: with field trips, pets are transported by a team member to an exciting new location to enjoy an enriching experience full of new sights, sounds, and sniffs! Let us know what park, trail, or other area you would like for us to walk your pet at and we will take care of the rest.

We offer 60 minute field trips with commute included at no extra charge. Looking for a field trip longer than an hour? Consider booking an Extended Visit!

Senior dog Morgan enjoys exploring new places!

Buddy Walks

Interested in enriching your dog’s walk with new scenery and the addition of a friend? Our buddy walks are a perfect option! Buddy walks are performed using a parallel walk technique to promote good doggy manners while on leash. Dogs walk side-by-side with the expectation of remaining neutral to each other. During this service, we transport dogs to meet each other and enjoy sniffing out a new area with the company of a local puppy pal.

We offer 45 minute buddy walks with commute included at no extra charge.

Willow and Zuko strolling through the park.

Puppy Playdates

Puppy playdates are off-leash play sessions for dogs of all ages provided in a fully fenced yard offered daily in the afternoon. We will gather a maximum of 4 compatible dogs to play off-leash together. Our Puppy Playdate service is carefully structured to promote your dog’s social manners. Playdates begin with a parallel walk to warm up attendee’s bodies and minds for play followed by an opportunity to sniff out the play space individually to settle in before being released to romp around freely with their new friends.

We offer 60 minute playdates with commute included at no extra charge.

Best friends Roo and Bailey!


“Nicole is unlike any other! She is great with my two cats, who adore her! She gives them quality time with lots of pets, treats, special toys, and most importantly, love. She is extremely reliable, and I have never once worried about if she made it to the scheduled time or not. Nicole helps me feel at ease with leaving the kitties so that I’m able to be mindful of, and enjoy my time away, rather than worry. She is flexible with scheduling, and responds promptly. She is trustworthy and responsible beyond her years! She is hands down born to care for animals. I highly recommend her for any of your pet care needs.

– Stephanie S.