Pet Care

All pet care services are provided from the comfort and familiarity of your home. We emphasize maintaining routine care while owners are away, whether for a day at work or a long vacation, to put your pet at ease and ensure all of their needs are met so you can return to a relaxed pet and secure home.

In-Home Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

Dog walks get your pup’s body moving and nose working! Whether your pet loves to burn off energy, track down a scent trail, or enjoy the fresh air, regular dog walks are an essential component of enriching your dog’s daily life. Dog walks are individualized experiences tailored to your dog’s needs: let us know if they’d prefer a relaxing stroll around the block, a jaunty trek through the woods, or a brisk walk in the park.

We offer various dog walk durations:

20-Minute Walks for dogs that prefer a leisurely stroll around the block; best suited for lower-energy dogs, young puppies, or senior dogs.

40-Minute Walks tend to be the average dog’s ideal length to meet their physical and mental energy quota.

60-Minute Walks are recommended for high-energy dogs, dogs that need a little more support in getting out the door, and dogs looking for an enriching walk experience to help them settle for the rest of the day.

Elvira enjoys her neighborhood stroll!

Drop-In Visits

Drop in visits ensure your pet is cared for while you are out of the home. Whether your pet is in need of a snuggle buddy, exercise partner, or a quick trip outside, Cloud 9 Canine is here to help! Drop ins may include feeding, cleaning up after your pet, playtime, or companionship: we will perform all tasks that are part of your pet’s routine during our visit with them.

We offer various visit durations for all species of pets:

20-Minute Visits for covering of the basics—food, fresh water, and a bathroom break.

40-Minute Visits to thoroughly meet pet needs for single pet homes or lower-maintenance pet routines—food, fresh water, a bathroom break, tidying up pet care areas, and playtime or attention.

60-Minute Visits are best for pet care routines involving multiple pets and/or pets that need more than just “the basics” to truly thrive—this includes food, fresh water, bathroom breaks, tidying up pet care areas, and enrichment through attention, play, and quality time with your pets getting their energy out, cuddling up on the couch, or receiving additional care tasks.

Hanging out with Burps!

Vacation Pet Care

Going away overnight, for a weekend, or on a trip and needing your pets’ care fully covered? Book any combination of our services to mimic your pet’s natural routine!

Visits include all pet care needs for all pets and tending to your home, scheduled in intervals to ensure your pet does not go too long without care. Add in walks, field trips, or other services within the timeframe at no extra charge, and we will ensure your pets are enjoying a vacation of their own!

Cassie crunching down breakfast during her check-in visit.

Extended Visits

Extended Visits provide in-home care for pets that benefit from consistent presence of a Team Member in the home. This includes pets needing supervision after an operation, pets with separation anxiety, pets with high energy levels, young or senior pets, or pets whose owners are away for lengths of time.

We offer extended visits for 2-6 consecutive hours of care at a discounted hourly rate. Each Extended Visit includes meeting your pet’s basic needs plus companionship and enrichment!

Gus grins ear-to-ear during his extended day stay!

Pet Taxi

Do you need someone to pick up and drop off your pet from daycare? Does your pet need a ride home from the vet? Is your pet due for a trip to the groomer’s? Cloud 9 Canine’s pet taxi transportation service is a convenient option for allowing you to attend to your busy schedule while we ensure your pet gets to their destination safely.

Andy relaxes on the ride home from daycare.

Field Trips

For the dogs that would like to get a walk outside their neighborhood or a romp in Meadow Run Park, the local private membership-based dog park! For many pets, riding in the car typically means an appointment at the vet: with field trips, pets are transported by a team member to an exciting new location to enjoy an enriching experience full of new sights, sounds, and sniffs to get their energy out and build their confidence. Let us know what park, trail, or other pet-friendly area you would like for us to take your dog to and we will take care of the rest!

We offer 60 minute field trips with commute included at no extra charge.

Willow builds her confidence on her weekly ventures!

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“Nicole is unlike any other! She is great with my two cats, who adore her! She gives them quality time with lots of pets, treats, special toys, and most importantly, love. She is extremely reliable, and I have never once worried about if she made it to the scheduled time or not. Nicole helps me feel at ease with leaving the kitties so that I’m able to be mindful of, and enjoy my time away, rather than worry. She is flexible with scheduling, and responds promptly. She is trustworthy and responsible beyond her years! She is hands down born to care for animals. I highly recommend her for any of your pet care needs.

– Stephanie S.